Tessa Sawyer


I could tell you many things about myself. I am a senior at Beaverhead County High School. I am actively involved in Key Club, HOSA, BCHS varsity tennis, and Peer Mediation. These things have helped shape and mold me, but they are not who I am.

I am a person to whom even the smallest of details is important and yet I can still manage to lose a pencil that sits tucked behind my ear. I possess a spirit of adventure, but I rarely make it out the front door. I find my adventures in written worlds.

 I dream of many things, but at the forefront of things I want for my future is a dream of making a difference in this world. Right now, I am focused on a career in medicine as my way to contribute to humanity.

 It’s an amazing and exciting adventure, this thing we call life, and I want to live, not simply exist.